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Icona Pop; Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care, I Love It
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"I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone."


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Miley Cyrus - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
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She killed it, guys. Like this is really fucking good and it’s rad that she’s an AM fan? 

@ladygaga: why do people look at me like I’m crazy when i use coupons at grocery or try bargaining at retail, IM FROM NEW YORK WHERE IS THE SALE RACK


I could recognize any Fall Out Boy song within the first five seconds of hearing it being played but if you asked me the name it would take me a few minutes and I would probably say it wrong





a loaded god complex


and pull it

oh my fucking god


I don’t think you understand how much concerts mean to me and how happy they make me I seriously burst into tears the other day just thinking about going to a concert